Crane Air

Crane air conditioners operate under challenging environmental conditions in iron and steel facilities.

Crane Operator
Cabin Air Conditioners

In process cranes operating in metallurgical, petrochemical facilities, or ports, operators always require high…

Air Purification and
Pressurization Systems

High levels of dust in industrial facilities have a negative impact on both worker health and equipment performance.

Electrical Room
Air Conditioners

In industrial facilities, continuous climate control of electrical rooms is of great importance.

Container Air

Containers play an important role in storing various products, materials, and even hazardous substances such…

Battery Energy Storage System
(BESS) Air Conditioners

The climate control of BESS systems requires maintaining the storage areas at the correct temperature…

Cooling and Air Conditioning
Systems in Hydrogen Facilities

Cooling and air conditioning equipment play a crucial role in hydrogen production and storage facilities, as well as fueling stations.

HVAC Systems

E-Houses are general terms for environments housing electrical equipment and are widely used for facility automation in various industrial sectors.

Ex-Proof Air Conditioners
for Explosive Environments

For many years, TMS has been designing and manufacturing air conditioners, climate control, and cooling systems in compliance with ATEX and IECEx regulations for explosive and hazardous environments in industries such as Oil & Gas, Offshore, Recycling, Energy, and more. We can also produce many of our products as Ex-Proof.