Pressurization & Filtration Units

APU Series Air Pressurization & Filtration Units are widely used in industrial plants where needed such a precise air quality. These units are fully customizable upon the needs and the requirements of the projects. Absorbing residual dust, harmful gases and odors, APU Series are perfect to be used in such environments where human health is of high importance, as well as for equipment protection.

No way out for corrosive substance and dust!

Air filtering level of dusts starts from EU4 class and -depending on the need reaches until U17 class.

Air pressurization is an option with two ways; with pressure differential switch and electronically controlled fans through pressure differential sensors.

Corrosion elimination is taken seriously with APU units, such as body structural material changes, chemical media filtering with Carbon and Oxidant filters. TMS Engineers bring you the most optimized chemical filter mixture in order to absorb the chemicals at the same time and obtain the filter changing frequency accordingly.

The operation temperature range, one of the largest in the market, is between -40°C and +95°C

Would you like to filter all the hazardous gases which are specifically listed for your premises? Do you need fresh air supply for the people working in those areas? Do you want the dust and corrosion protection in your environment? Well, APU is an absolute answer!



Indoor Application


Outdoor Application