WMU Series Wall Mounted Unit

IAC Series Industrial Type Air Conditioners are widely used in industrial plants such as electrical and automation rooms, equipment rooms, pulpits-control rooms and cabinets, curing rooms, transformer rooms, laboratories, data processing centers, battery rooms, containers and shelters and various other industrial applications including maritime. Tailored to the special needs of any given working conditions and environments, the design can easily be altered and optimized on 18 points.

WMU Wall Mounted Unit Industrial Type Air Conditioners are designed to operate 24/7 in container, shelter and electrical rooms without any problems under severe environmental conditions. Thanks to its plug & play structure, it is very easy to install, commission and operate, and it is user friendly. Ambient temperature can work up to +60 degrees. It does not need any piping or ventilation ducts. It is unique in its class with its emergency cooling function, free cooling and similar features when the power supply is cut.
Do you need to cool any area? Don’t you have any infrastructure? Connect it to your wall and run it, it’s that easy!
These units can be used in Steel and metallurgy, mining, Cement, Oil&Gas, Machinery, Energy, Marine, Defense industries.

WMU Wall Mounted Unit Details

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