Crane Cabin Coolers

VKS Series Crane Cabin Coolers are perfectly efficient, reliable and long lasting units engineered to operate in harsh environments. Depending on the working conditions, VKS Series units are engineered to fit the highest quality industry requirements and customer needs.

These units can be used in steel, metallurgy, cement, oil&gas, mining & port industries.

VC Compact Type

Crane Cab Coolers for heavy industry 

VP Package / Monoblock Type

Crane Cab Coolers for heavy industry 

VS Split Type

Crane Cab Coolers for heavy industry 

VM Medium Type

Plug&Play Crane Cabin Coolers

Crane Cab Coolers are portable air conditioners that are designed to fit in the cabin of a crane or other large construction vehicle. They are typically used in hot or humid environments to provide a comfortable and cool workspace for the operator of the vehicle. Crane Cabin cooling units are self-contained units that can be easily installed and removed as needed. They typically have a compact size and can be powered by the vehicle's electrical system or an external power source. Crane Cabin Coolers can be an important safety feature for operators working in hot and humid conditions, as they can help to prevent heat stroke and other heat-related illnesses.