“Keep the Dust Away!”

“It is unfortunate that we cannot see our units because of the dust. Yet, it is very comforting that we know they are running.”

Dusty environments have always been a big problem for air-cooled air conditioning systems. Low maintenance frequency causes permanent damage to the systems and causes high energy consumption.
The dimensions of the cooling systems produced today are getting smaller day by day in order to take up less space in their environment. This situation brings with it serious problems in the systems used in facilities with a high dust environment.
Qualified dusts erode the surfaces they contain with corrosive factors and irreversible losses are experienced. This situation causes the replacement of the system and sometimes the need for a complete renewal, even before the system life is completed.

So, how does the dusty environment stop being a problem with TMS solutions?


Air-cooled heat exchangers with a fin space up to 12mm, which have been designed by TMS engineering, using special pipes and fins, ensure that dust remains on the surface, thereby preventing the heat exchanger from being blocked at depths.


All of the electrical panels, cable glands, auxiliary equipment, and accessories used are selected in accordance with the ambient conditions and used in the appropriate IP class. The minimum protection class in our standard products is IP54. It can be upgraded to IP67 and higher depending on the needs of the project.


The insulation elements applied with a unique design under the cooling unit covers prevent dust from entering the cell and protect the unit.


The fans, their body, motors and blades which are in contact with the external environment, are designed in such a way that are not damaged in the conditions they operate.


Unique chemical filter options are offered with the use of dust and particulate filters according to the environmental needs from the G3 class to the H14 class.

TMS reduces your maintenance frequency and operating costs and provides a long service life with cooling units that provide resistance against the dusty environment. Ensure the continuity of your business by preventing timeless failures!

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