Can an air conditioner run at 95°C?”

tms ındustrıal refrıgeratıon ınc.

Each one of the TMS air conditioners manufactured up to this day has been successfully running over 40 countries all around the world. The majority of AC units running nowadays are struggling because of the variable climate and air conditions depend on the land.
​On the one hand, a TMS solution must perform at 40°C in Siberia, on the other hand it must perform at 65°C in Basra and moreover, when it meets with a steel remelting plant, it cannot stop even at 95°C.

How come does TMS engineering manage to achieve this?

Tested Design Conditions
The manufactured AC unit is tested in our modern laboratory in which an HVAC system is able to be tested in the widest temperature range within the borders of Turkey.

Durable and Superfine Components for Each Ambient Temperatures
The components that will fulfill the duty of the device smoothly and uninterruptedly within the specified working range are carefully selected and manufactured specifically for TMS.

Unique Heat Exchanger Designs 
Our R&D department, which is an approved design center with 14 engineers, works exclusively on heat exchangers with years of knowledge and experience.

Different Type of Refrigerants
5 different types of refrigerants are chosen for each unit according to neccessities of the project.


In summary, if you need an HVAC system that will provide trouble-free 24/7 performance in your environmental conditions ranging from -40 ° C to + 95 ° C, then TMS is the right address for you!

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