PO Heavy Duty Outdoor Type Panel Coolers are designed to operate in severe ambient conditions. TMS provides solutions for an abundance of applications. PKS PO units operate with inherent long term stability and accuracy, as our products are designed and produced to fit the highest quality requirements in the harshest environments.


E-panel Application Example

A panel cooler, also known as a cabinet cooler, is a specialized type of air conditioning system that is designed to cool electrical and electronic control panels. These panels are commonly used in industrial settings, such as manufacturing plants, to control and monitor various processes.

Panel coolers are designed to cool and protect sensitive electrical and electronic components from heat and moisture, which can cause damage and malfunction. They are typically mounted directly onto the control panel and use compressed air to cool the panel and its components.

Panel coolers work by drawing in compressed air from the surrounding environment and passing it through a vortex tube. The vortex tube separates the compressed air into hot and cold streams, with the cold air stream being directed into the control panel to cool the components. The hot air stream is then exhausted out of the panel cooler.

Panel coolers are commonly used in settings where traditional air conditioning systems are not practical or cost-effective. They are easy to install and maintain, and they do not require any refrigerants or coolant. They also operate quietly and efficiently, which makes them an attractive option for many industrial applications.

Overall, panel coolers are an important tool for protecting sensitive electronic and electrical components from heat and moisture, which helps to ensure reliable and safe operation of industrial control systems.

PKS Series Panel Coolers are specialized cooling systems designed and produced by TMS Grup. These devices are used in enclosed spaces such as electrical panels, control cabinets, and similar applications.

PKS Series Panel Coolers are designed to provide efficient and effective cooling for enclosed spaces. They are equipped with high-quality fans and filters, which help to maintain a clean and dust-free environment. They also feature a user-friendly interface and a variety of customizable settings.

PKS Series Panel Coolers offer a number of advantages, including reliable and consistent cooling performance, easy installation and maintenance, and energy efficiency. They are also designed to operate quietly and can help to prolong the life of equipment by preventing overheating.

The price of PKS Series Panel Coolers can vary depending on the model and features. For more information, you can contact TMS Grup.