Mobile Cooling Units

You might have a malfunction in your air conditioning system and the system has not been designed with any redundancy scenario. Or, your current setup does not satisfy you from efficiency point of view. Besides, you might only need air conditioning during certain peak times of the year. You might also be in the rental business for cooling equipment. In this case, MAC Series Mobile Cooling Units are the perfect solution for you. With its plug and play feature, you can start up and run your operation instantly.


Mobil cooling units are used in many different sectors. For example, units used on construction sites for the comfort of workers are necessary. In food establishments, mobile cooling units are used to prevent products from spoiling in case of malfunction of cold storage or refrigerators. Additionally, they can be used in hospitals or other health facilities in case of emergencies.

Another important area of use for mobile cooling units is storing food and beverages that need to be kept cool at special events or outdoor activities. For instance, mobile cooling units are used to keep food and beverages cool at outdoor weddings or festivals.

In conclusion, mobile cooling units are portable systems designed to meet urgent or temporary cooling needs and are used in many different sectors.