“Chill The Electrical Panels..!”

TMS Industrial Refrigeration Inc.

In today’s Global market, energy efficiency has become increasingly more significant in production processes due to ecological and energy efficiency reasons. Humidity, dirty air, dust, oily environment and corrosive gasses and high ambient temperatures prevent technological equipment from working efficiently, making it mandatory to maintain this equipment in electrical panels. As a result of this practice the heat in the panels increases to a great deal. The panels are being air-conditioned via a closed-circuit cycle.

This system is of high importance as without this protection technological equipment would be seriously damaged.

PKS Series protect the technological equipment against all negative conditions described above and have been segmented into two catagories.


PKS Indoor Type Panel Coolers are designed to operate with inherent long term stability and accuracy.
Our leading solutions offer great efficiency in panel cooling systems not only to enhance durability and reliability, but also provide significant cost savings, quick product installation and ease of maintenance.


PKS Heavy Duty Outdoor Type Panel Coolers are designed to operate in severe ambient conditions. TMS provides solutions for an abundance of applications. PKS units operate with inherent long term stability and accuracy, as our products are designed and produced to fit the highest quality requirements in the harshest environments.


In PKS Series panel air-condition systems; the airflow is supplied with two independent air cycles: the internal circuit cools down the hot air received from inside the panel to resupply to the panel, the external circuit discharges the air from inside the panel to outside.

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