Ahmet Kutsal Erdoğan, Oğuz Dalkıran, Mustafa Özdemir

Engineer and Machinery

vol. 63, no. 707, p. 376-388, 2022

Research Article





In this study, an experimental study was carried out on a heat pipe, whose evaporator is located between the compressor outlet and the condenser inlet of an industrial cooler on a vapor compression cycle (VCC). It absorbs heat from the new generation refrigerant fluid of 515B and transfers it to the outdoor air. The heat pipe is a looped thermosiphon-type heat pipe. R134a refrigerant is used as a working fluid in the heat pipe. By changing the condenser air inlet temperatures, the contribution of the heat pipe to the cooling cycle has been determined experimentally. While the evaporation pressure of the refrigeration cycle with the heat pipe remains approximately constant, the condensation pressure decreases, and the sub-cool temperature increases. For condenser air inlet temperatures of 30, 40, and 50°C, the COP of the cooler with heat pipe increases by 1.8%, 2.6%, and 2.76%, respectively. As the air temperature at the condenser inlet increases, the ratio of heat pipe power to the cooling capacity of the cycle also increases. In addition, the compressor outlet temperature is reduced by 1.5%–2.8% using of the heat pipe.


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