In industrial facilities, continuous climate control of electrical rooms is of great importance. It is necessary to protect sensitive electrical equipment in these rooms from external environmental influences. High temperatures, dust, and corrosive factors can damage the equipment, reduce efficiency, or lead to malfunctions. Considering the uninterrupted operation of the facility, an abrupt shutdown is unacceptable and can result in significant financial consequences. TMS has extensive experience in climate control for electrical rooms in heavy industry facilities. The most suitable technical design is determined based on infrastructure analysis, user preferences, and environmental conditions. The appropriate climate control equipment is selected, designed, and delivered to the user. Air-cooled and water-cooled air conditioners that operate under heavy-duty conditions 24/7 are offered to users in four main groups: Package, Split, Self-Contained, or Wall-Mounted units. Each group of air conditioners has its own advantages in specific applications. Environmentally friendly refrigerants are preferred for their ability to operate within a wide ambient temperature range. High IP-rated equipment is used in dusty environments, and air purification and pressurization units are employed to separate dust and chemicals. In corrosive environments, the equipment is made compatible with special materials in terms of chassis, heat exchangers, and other components. TMS’s expertise and experience ensure the uninterrupted climate control of electrical rooms in industrial facilities, protecting sensitive equipment from external factors and guaranteeing the smooth operation of the facility. TMS provides reliable and effective climate control solutions tailored to customer needs.

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