E-Houses are general terms for environments housing electrical equipment and are widely used for facility automation in various industrial sectors. Recently, E-Houses are being produced in containers, enabling rapid deployment of facilities. Container-based solutions significantly contribute to the quick commissioning of facilities. TMS offers various options for climate control, cooling, and automation in E-House solutions.
Among the E-House solutions provided by TMS are wall-mounted industrial package air conditioners with free cooling feature, industrial package air conditioners with integrated air cleaning and pressurization units, industrial split air conditioners, ex-proof air conditioners, and HVAC control panels capable of automating HVAC equipment. These products can be fully customized to meet the specific needs of projects and ensure seamless integration. In addition to designing and manufacturing specialized equipment for E-House projects, TMS also provides end-to-end solutions as a partner in project engineering, design, production, field applications, and commissioning. In summary, we are ready to serve all your HVAC/R needs in your E-House applications with our (20 years of) experience and expertise.

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