Crane air conditioners operate under challenging environmental conditions in iron and steel facilities. Factors such as ambient temperatures reaching up to +95°C, high dust levels, corrosive gases, and intense vibrations pose demanding challenges for crane air conditioners. VKS crane air conditioners are specifically designed to deliver superior performance against these factors. They are composed of suitable components that enable operation in high ambient temperatures. Innovative and environmentally friendly refrigerants ensure seamless operation. Heat exchangers are made from materials such as copper, stainless steel, or titanium to counteract the negative effects of corrosive environments, and options like electrofin, heresite, or epoxy coating are employed. Semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors and welded frames are utilized to ensure uninterrupted operation under vibrations. Furthermore, various ventilation systems like Air Purification Units (APU) are employed to purify the air from dust and chemicals. Additionally, heat exchanger fin spacing is increased, and insulation levels are enhanced to provide IP66-class protection.

VKS crane air conditioners can be designed in split, packaged, or compact structures and manufactured according to the most suitable positioning for the installation site.

In summary, VKS crane air conditioners offer reliable and efficient performance even in challenging environmental conditions.

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