Cooling and air conditioning equipment play a crucial role in hydrogen production and storage facilities, as well as fueling stations. These equipment are utilized at various points within these facilities. Below, we list the task points and our solution-providing products:

Chiller units for electrolyzers during hydrogen production.
Water/air coolers for compressor stations used in hydrogen compression.
Precision industrial air conditioning units for climate control in storage systems.
Special chiller units operating at ultra-low temperatures for fueling stations.
Our engineers design and manufacture these products to efficiently meet the project’s needs. Considering hydrogen’s explosive nature, especially in containerized solutions, the use of ex-proof cooling equipment is necessary. TMS is one of the rare companies globally that designs and produces such products. Our products are shipped with ATEX and/or IECEx certifications. The software used in all our products is designed and developed by our engineers, enabling system integrators and end-users to control and monitor the equipment.
Depending on the application areas of the products, they can be designed with different materials and components, and their dimensions can be customized according to project requirements.
In line with the above explanations, TMS offers various products to meet the cooling and air conditioning needs in hydrogen production and storage facilities. With our engineering capabilities and production that complies with international standards, we are here to effectively and reliably meet the requirements of your project.

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