Containers play an important role in storing various products, materials, and even hazardous substances such as hydrogen in industrial and other industrial environments. These containers are exposed to challenging environmental conditions such as high temperatures, humidity, and dust. Therefore, proper climate control and cooling systems are required to maintain the quality and safety of the products stored inside the containers.Climate control systems used in containers are designed based on the container size, heat-generating equipment inside, intended use, and climatic conditions. The temperature and humidity levels inside the container must be kept at an appropriate level to preserve the stored materials.
For cooling containers, package, split, and wall-mounted air conditioners are used. These air conditioners extract the hot air inside and produce cold air, thereby maintaining the container’s temperature at the desired level. TMS-IAC series products offer solutions with Rooftop/Package, Industrial Split, and Wall Mounted Units options, ensuring the most accurate solution for the specific need.
In addition, some containers are used for special applications such as storing waste or petrochemical materials, hydrogen production, etc. In such cases, specially designed explosion-proof air conditioners may be required for safe use in explosive or flammable environments. TMS-ATEX series products offer suitable options for these types of applications.
The quality and safety of the products in containers can be ensured through proper climate control and cooling systems. The use of air conditioners specifically designed for containers exposed to challenging environmental conditions not only reduces costs and provides energy efficiency but also protects the environment. In summary, at TMS, we continue to provide our customers with suitable and reliable climate control solutions, ensuring the quality and safety of products inside containers and meeting customer expectations.

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