The climate control of BESS systems requires maintaining the storage areas at the correct temperature and humidity levels. The temperature and humidity of the storage environment are of critical importance for the lifespan and performance of batteries. Climate control for BESS systems differs from a regular air conditioning system. The optimal temperature range for batteries is typically between 20-25 degrees Celsius, with humidity levels between 40% and 60%. Therefore, BESS air conditioners are specially designed to control the temperature and humidity levels of batteries. These air conditioners should operate with high efficiency and have powerful cooling capacity. Additionally, considering the potential hazardous nature of the chemical substances inside batteries, BESS air conditioners may need to have protective features against explosion risks in certain cases.Since BESS systems are used in various applications, there can be different types of BESS air conditioners. For example, large-scale battery storage systems located in open areas may utilize outdoor BESS air conditioners, while specially designed cabinet-type BESS air conditioners can be used for systems in enclosed spaces within industrial facilities.

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