High levels of dust in industrial facilities have a negative impact on both worker health and equipment performance. In some cases, the presence of chemical gases exacerbates these adverse effects. APU (Air Purification and Pressurization) systems developed by TMS can effectively be used in environments containing dust and chemical gases. These systems can operate independently of other climate control devices and can also be integrated into TMS’s product range.
APU systems provide dust removal and pressurization to prevent the entry of external dust and gases, offering services up to EU16 level. The continuity of desired pressure values can be achieved in a linear manner through pressure sensors and variable-speed fans included with the APU. Furthermore, in environments where electronic components are sensitive, pressure switches can be used to maintain the desired pressure level. Our engineers examine the composition of chemical gases present in the environment, their parts per million (ppm) values, and the frequency of filter changes. Based on this analysis, they design the most suitable chemical filter (carbon/oxidant mixture).
In conclusion, APU systems developed by TMS provide an effective solution to the dust and chemical gas problems in industrial facilities. They safeguard worker health, enhance equipment performance, and create a healthier working environment

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