tms ındustrıal refrıgeratıon ınc.

We’ve noticed that at the online platforms, people have met with many misguidances and errored information about protecting ambient air against unwelcomed Coronavirus (COVID-19), which were recently seen in Turkey and had substantial impact on society both physically and psychologically. Hence, we feel the need to make a stable announcement for our clients and solution partners how to keep ambient air much fresher and cleaner.

As you all know, you could have the ability to keep away varied sized of chemical substances, particles and bacteria via APUs (Air Purifying Unit) which may already be set among the product range of yours. These units which serves different purposes cannot filter coronavirus a hundred percent actually and yet we have no solution to do it so as humankind. There’s a specific reason that it is not even a matter of discussion you should know that the minimum proven size of the virus is smaller than the size of pores of any filter manufactured.

What to do now? 

If you already have fresh air channels for existing APU or similar units at the plant, you may let the channels wide open and recirculate fresh air constantly. Applying this method allows to minimize the concentration of viruses or bacteria hanging on the ambient air and free to infect.


In today’s world, safety and human health in plants is getting more important each day. Although, in heavy industrial conditions are taken precaution but most of time places are comprising dusty, acidic, caustic and cancerogenic materials. These harmful materials have been identified by TMS Engineers developed solutions thanks to our experience, knowledge and long-term analysis.
As TMS, many years’ experience and we specially developed after getting analyze the result, APU Series filter units absorb dust, harmful gases and smell in the air. With APU Series Filter Units, provide specific solutions for every point in the business which is human health as well as protection of the equipment.

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